Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome Friends Wall Sticker

So since we have rebuilt our house from the fire about a year ago, we have been decorating one room at a time. You would think since we have access to so many amazing wall decor vendors, that it would be easy....but I love so many of them it is hard to decide! The kids rooms were fun and easy, but they decided what they wanted. For our main living area and our bedroom, it is fun to take our time and create each space to be unique.

As soon as I saw this Welcome Friends Wall Sticker, I knew it had to have a place in our home. We love having the house full of friends and family and I originally thought I would put it over the front door, but the size of the sticker and the molding would not allow. We have a enclosed porch off the back of the house, and although you would normally put this sticker in the front of your home, we decided to welcome people from the back yard!

I absolutely love how it came out, as with all of the "words for your walls" stickers, bring your level or ruler to make sure you have a straight line, and someone to help pass you the decals and level if you are on a chair or ladder.

We would love to see what you have done in your house and would feature it on our blog! Send all photos and a story of what you have done with your fabulous wall decals to and we will send you a 10% off code for your next purchase!

Thank you for shopping Wall Sticker Outlet!

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