Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decorating with a Safari Jungle Theme Day 1

Inspired by a Safari Jungle themed baby shower I attended today, I have thought a lot about the different ways to decorated the nursery with this theme. There are so many, that we are going to spend the week featuring different artisans and what they offer with their wild animals and adorable monkeys.

First up is Oopsy Daisy peel and place sticker kits. There are two that I love for this theme, the first is the Elephant and Monkey Trio Sticker Kit. My favorite part about this sticker is the personalization, it comes with 161 pieces, including the letters and numbers to create your own personalized scene. These are canvas poly woven peel and stick stickers with deep rich colors and really sweet nursery themed artwork.

The second one is the Giraffe and Monkeys sticker kit. I love the vines in this one, you can put the monkeys coming down over the crib and the giraffe on the side, the colors work well for a boy or a girl as well. This set features two mischievous monkeys and their best friend who just happens to be a sweet giraffe. It also comes with letters and numbers to make your own sweet saying on the nursery walls.

Oopsy Daisy is known for their extensive selection of artwork for children and their Peel and Place line of stickers does not disappoint. They also come boxed in a their signature green gift box, a perfect gift for the parents to be!

Thank you for shopping Wall Sticker Outlet and be sure to check back all week for some more wild sticker recommendations!

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