Thursday, April 14, 2011

Star Wars Jedi Birthday Party!

It was brought to our attention this morning that one of our extremely crafty customers threw what is arguably the best Star Wars themed birthday bash we have ever seen.

They purchased the Star Wars Clone Wars Applique pack and a Giant Yoda Wall Sticker from us for the event, and I love what they did with the Yoda and we are still laughing about the first sentence he wrote about regarding this:

"Pin the Ears on Yoda - This was my second choice as I really wanted the kids to play pin the hand back on Luke. My wife pushed the Yoda idea figuring he was the more recognizable character. For the record, I still think my idea would have been fun as well! The Wall Sticker Outlet had a big Yoda sticker that we purchased and then promptly cut the ears off of it. We had them laminated and one of the parents was nice enough to help run the game for us."

Isn't that just awesome! We have so many character stickers you could do that with!

You must check out the whole blog post for the Jedi Training Academy 5th Birthday Party, from the food to the parting gifts, it looks like so much fun!

And a big thank you to Mike and Michele for letting us share your special day and crafty ways with Yoda!

Thank you for shopping Wall Sticker Outlet!

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