Monday, January 25, 2010

Transformers XL Wall Mural

Check out the latest XL wall mural from Roommates! Transformers are one of our most popular themes for boys, and with another movie on the way, we do not see their popularity ending anytime soon. XL Murals are printed on a revolutionary prepasted material called Surestrip™, which makes it much easier to install such large wall graphics. They are also a breeze to remove, but are not reusable. This Transformers XL mural is designed with officially-licensed art from the blockbuster movie, and brings the entire Transformers world out of the movie screen and right into your room. At this size, it's like having the real Transformers come to your rescue!

We offer the whole line of Roommates XL murals, available in 6x10 chair rail and full wall 9x15 feet size. They are available in Batman, Superman, Barbie, Big Top Circus, Spiderman, Littlest Pet Shop, Marvel Comics, Thomas the Tank Engine, Star Trek, Ben 10, and Transformers.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tropical Undersea Peel and Stick Wall Stickers

Have a tropical or sea theme and need some awesome, easy decor? Check out The Tropical Undersea Fish Peel and Stick Kit. Peel and stick, removable and reusable, and best of all.....simple to apply. Paint the walls blue and feel like you stepped into the ocean! We have many other Sealife and Ocean themed options to have fun with your decor!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jazz Up Your Laptop!

Jazz up your laptop with this collection of stylish peel-and-stick laptop stickers! These high-quality prints are designed to fit most standard laptops and can be trimmed to adjust when necessary. Ditch that old grey lid! These themes, colors and styles are for all ages and tastes!

Check out the collection here, and more are on the way!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colorful Letters, Dots and Numbers!

Looking to decorate a playroom with some fun and educational decor? Look no further than Roommates Colorful collection, which offers colorful alphabet, numbers and dots.

Write you child's name, or "art station", "play time", "reading nook"....etc...

One of our customers decoupaged a rocking chair with these stickers and it came out amazing! You could do that to a play table or a toy box as well.

Each set is peel and stick and removes and are reusable with no damage to the walls!

Check out the collection at Wall Sticker Outlet today!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentines Day Wall Decor Ideas

There is so much that wall stickers offer your walls. You can transform your childs room into a special retreat filled with their favorite can decorate your husbands office with a hunting theme or his favorite sports team. Chalkboard and dry erase for shopping lists, calenders to keep the family schedule on get it.....the possibilities are endless.

This Valentines Day, treat your loved one to a lasting and unique gift. Write them a Custom Love Note and display it for them in a special spot. Our customers have used these before for weddings, proposals, and just to say I Love You. This is seriously adorable and you can personalize it to say whatever you would like. Order before January 31rst to insure timely delivery as this is a custom made order. We will be showcasing some other Valentine home decor options this week, so check back!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Take Me Out to The Ball Game!!

From one of our very favorite artisans are some new designs, including the adorable "Take me Out to The Ball Game" vinyl wall decal on the left.

Much like the majority of their items, this is customizable with your own choice of colors from their large color chart, and personalized, which makes your wall decor unique and fun.

This one in particular stood out to me because the baseball theme is so popular with our customers, and I know my own children love anything on their walls with their names on it.

One of their most popular items is the Personality Kit, which can be done with and without your childs name. There is a boys version as well. Picking your own choice of words to describe your child has proved fun for us and our customers when they call us with their orders.

Check out their entire collection here and thank you for shopping Wall Sticker Outlet!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling Creative?

Feeling creative and want a customized mural in you childs room, but not very handy with painting murals freehand? Then check out our collection of "Paint by Numbers" murals.

Offered by two amazing vendors, Elephants on the Wall and Trace Designs, each kit comes with reusable patterns, a practice copy, instructions and a paint by number guide.

Just pick out your paint and get ready to create a fabulous work of art that your family and friends will think you paid hundreds for!

Check out our "paint by numbers" FAQ page for further info like how to prep your walls. Can be done in a full wall mural, door hugger or border.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dry Erase Peel and Stick

From young children to adults, everyone can use a dry erase panel in their kitchen, office, even your bedroom! Make grocery lists, honey do lists, and even as a calender!

For kids there are plenty of options, my daughter uses the Hanna Montana Dry Erase Panel to the left and it is so cute to see her little notes about her days, and I like to use it to leave her notes as well.

For teens, a popular option is the flirt and Oh Pear circle
Dry erase from Wall Pops! They are great for bedrooms, dorm rooms, even lockers. Just write, wipe and erase!

Wall Pops! has a great line in many different patterns and colors, as well as Incrediwall, the calendar and blank sheet are popular.

Check out our entire collection of Dry Erase peel and stick stickers.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sudden Shadow Wall Decals

Have a sports fan? Then check out our collection of Sudden Shadow Wall Appliques.

Sudden Shadows self-adhesive wall prints go up in minutes and are removed just as quickly. Just in are the "midnight" series that are the same great design as the classic Sudden Shadows, but in solid black and clear! The new Sudden Shadows™ Midnight Series makes a bolder statement, yet will still coordinate with any decor.

Application is easy: Simply peel the shadow from the backing, smooth out the decal, and you're finished!

Sports themes include baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer as well as girls softball, gymnastics, and dance ballerinas. Extreme sports include skiing and skateboarding, plus a whole line of NASCAR stickers to accommodate racing fans!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Etched Glass and Stained Glass Wall and Window Clings

Do you love the look of stained and etched glass, but your budget just does not allow for the cost? Check out these new set of appliques from Brewster, there is something for every decor. There are five different etched glass patterns that can be used on windows, doors, mirror and shower doors.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of stained glass, Brewsters stained glass appliques truly replicate the look and feel of authentic stained glass.

These handcrafted, 3-dimensional and easy to apply self cling stained glass appliques have been created in a series of classic designs sure to add a unique artistic statement to any room.

Transform a simple window into a focal point. Create a elegant entrance way or apply to a clear glass cabinet door to create a period look or a spectacular statement that only stained glass offers.

Stained Glass appliques can be positioned to fit various window sizes using multiple appliques and caming lines for a customized look and fit. Further customize your appliques with glass paint available at most arts and craft stores.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Decorating a Princess Room

Have a Princess? Does your little girl love princesses and want her room decorated with a princess theme?

Here are some options from full wall murals to border to canvas wall art.

Canvas Wall Art:
Stretched canvas wall art is a great option for someone who wants dimension off the wall, the Princess Fairest of Them All canvas is great to carry through to the teen years and is a great size to go over the bed or the dresser. Another option is the Drooz Studio Princess Wall Hanging, this is a amazing keepsake piece, and can be personalized. Princess and the Pea can be ordered with a blonde or brunette to make it special for her.

Customized Wall Murals:
We just did a room for a 5 year old girl with the Enchanted Kingdom Wall Mural Castle with the stone wall running along the bottom, it came out amazing! The murals from this artisan have many options, another popular option is the Castle Canopy Princess Wall Mural, which can be paired with the Mountianview Castle Windows or not, it looks great either way.
Disney Princesses also offers large full room wall murals, there is the Ballroom Disney Princess Mural, and the Outdoor Disney Princess Mural. I have a little girl and four nieces and each one of them would love this mural in their room, you can base your whole decor around this!

Border and Peel and Stick Appliques:
Disney offers a large range of Princess borders and wall stickers. One of the most popular items is our decorating kits, which include 4 12" x 12" panels, and several sheets of stickers, which are great if you are doing a whole room or one large wall. Princess and Pearls is by far the most popular, and then of course there is Tinkerbell, Ariel, and the Magic Garden.
There are borders to match all, both in prepasated and peel and stick, which is so great, because when you are ready to change your decor, you just peel it off with no damage to your walls.
Another popular option is the Fairy Princess Room Collection, which offers the little princess growth chart, the Fairy Princess appliques and 4 rolls of border. The Fairy Princess Castle completes the room.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-557-0255 if you need a assistance, we are happy to help.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Star Wars Clone Wars Wall Border in Stock!!

Star Wars Clone Wars Border is in stock! The Star Wars Clone Wars stickers have been so popular, and we have been getting great feedback on each piece. To complete the set is the peel and stick border, it measures 5" high by 15' long with a 20" repeat pattern. Great alone or with the Star Wars collection!

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