Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Wall Decor

This post is going to be full of photos, because I simply could not choose just one or two to show everyone. The holidays are such a fun time to decorate, and what is easier that peel and stick wall decor that comes down the day after Christmas in minutes? No boxs to shove back into the attic, and to share a little secret....if you save the packaging, you can put them away and reuse them next year! (Just keep them away from extreme heat or cold)

So first up is the amazingly adorable Glitter Snowflakes, these can go anywhere and are sure to induce oohs and ahhs...everyone loves glitter around the holidays!

The Holiday Swag...I have personally used this and it is perfect for over a door and looks very festive.

These two I am showing you together because you can transform an entire room with these, bright holiday colors with a special greeting, perfect for the foyer.

This Christmas tree quote wall sticker is new this year and very popular already with our customers, it is a unique take on the traditional Christmas tree and is truly eye catching.

Check out our Holiday wall sticker selection for more options, and Happy Decorating!

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