Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The new Avengers wall decor are in!  The older versions of the Avengers decals have been selling out fast, we still have a few so be sure to get them while they are still around.  The new decals are awesome, colorful and vibrant, and are sure to liven up your little super hero's wall.  The Avengers Assemble mural is amazing wall graphic that combines black and white with color and measures over 3 feet wide and two feet high!

Iron Man is a very popular Avenger, and his decals can be found here.  We also carry a really cool line of personalized avenger and super hero decals that come in different sizes, as well as an array of Disney themes as well.  They can be found here.

All of these items are peel and stick, removable and reusable, with no damage to the walls!

Thank you for shopping Wall Sticker Outlet !!

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